Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Post...EVER!

Holy Moly I can't believe I am actually making a blog post. I guess I can credit this to my ever growing interest in finding ways to procrastinate law school homework.
This past few weeks have been quit the whirlwind with law school business, wedding planning, family get togethers, hanging out with friends, and of course my fiancé buying a new car. But even with all of these time consuming, but fun times, I always seem to squeeze in watching my favorite sports teams. There is nothing better than spending a Saturday with friends and family watching the Husker football team, and then taking a nice relaxing break from studying on Sundays to watch my beloved Packers play. I think I have even gotten Dani (my fiancé) to appreciate the greatness that is watching Packer football (if not she at least is very good at pretending to be interested :). Well I better get back to working on my Torts homework as nothing can make a day more interesting than reading about medical malpractice and gross negligence...